weekend project {doily throw blanket}

A few weeks ago I left a friends house with a pile of her grandma's doilies and the knowledge that my friend was not a tablecloth fan {which was my first idea for this pile of lovelies}.  It didn't take long for me to settle on a new idea but it did seem to take forever to find a suitable throw blanket to use.  
My current craziness did not allow for an all new quilt so I'd have to wait until the perfect throw made itself available.  Enter TJMaxx!  This throw is soft and complimentary to the doilies with a little pop of my friends favorite color. Perfect! 
I played around with the layout until I was happy...and then pinned the Dickens out of it.
Doilies take a lot of pins!!
 Then I mostly just followed the shapes of the doilies...around each one at least twice for security.
The result is a yummy texture and the knowledge that if she hates it, they can be picked off, no harm!
Just thought I'd share a different way to use up Grandma's pile o doilies, in case table cloths aren't your think either!
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