On becoming food snobs.

I mentioned on Instagram a bit ago that we {Doug and I} were well on our way to becoming food snobs.  I think there might have been some assumption that we had jumped onto some dieting bandwagon like Whole 30 or something like that but no, I meant something else entirely.

First of all, I don't believe in any diet that requires me to read a book or look up foods to see if I am "allowed" to eat them.  The appeal for me just isn't there.  I waited my whole childhood to eat whatever I wanted and by golly, that's what I am going to do

Secondly, restrictive diets are not generally successful because of the above reason.  I start to feel punished in some way, like I've done something wrong and have been sentenced to a life of gruel and unappetizing foods.  I have no desire to live my life long term like that.  

No, we don't do either of those things.  Our food snobbery has been years in the making.  It's more of a lifestyle than anything else and the results are that we remain trim and still get to eat foods that feed our emotions, both important things.

Like I said, it started years ago.  I thought I would share some of our guidelines for food snobbery.

1.  We mostly shop the perimeter of the store.  This is an easy one.  All the fresh foods are on the outside and the processed junk is on the interior.  I will visit the canned goods on rare occasion, the baking aisle often and the cereal aisle as well.  Other than that, we buy almost no processed foods on a regular basis.  Mac and cheese is an exception, but we will buy Annie's {see rule 3 below}. 

2.  We don't eat fast foods.  This is an easy one for me, fast food has zero appeal.  It's terrible for you {even the "healthy" options} and leaves you feeling like garbage anyway.  Part of our snobbery is recognizing how foods make us feel...and if they make us feel terrible, we don't eat them.  Easy.  Now, I will occasionally eat waffle fries and sweet tea from ChickFilA but my kids have never had a happy meal, they call McDonald's "the clown restaurant" and they never ask for fast food.
3.  If we are going to eat something, it needs to be the very best version of that something we can get.  Take donuts for example, I LOVE donuts but ONLY from my favorite local place.  They are the best and I know that, Krispy Kreme does not hold a candle so I won't compromise and eat one, I wait for the best option and it makes it all the better.  We try to do this with all of our foods.  We are not even kind of strictly organic BUT if it's close in price we will buy the organic variety, we just don't go out of our way to do so.

4.  We will not eat at any restaurant with the word "buffet" in it.  This is an obvious rule no?  No good things come from food sitting around all day that dozens of other people have the option to touch or who knows what.

Now the above rules we have had in place for as long as I can remember.  But recently, we've expanded on our snobbery with something that many may find drastic...

We don't eat out {as a general rule}.  And if we do eat out, we won't do so at a big chain restaurant.  A couple of months ago we got to a place where we were just TIRED of going out to eat, being served meh food and then paying too much for something that I could cook ten times better at home!  So we stopped.  And we decided that if and when we ate out, we would take advantage of locally owned restaurants that served good food.  The only exception to this rule is if we are invited by friends for a celebration or one of the boys makes a request for their birthday {they usually choose Red Robin}.  

Instead, I am cooking at home.  And the results have been pretty awesome.  Being committed to this "rule" means I have to be prepared to cook every meal at home but it has been well worth the effort. We have more time together, we eat better food and we are no longer bleeding money for terrible foods that are terrible for us. 

The best part of our snobbery, is that we are all happy with our food choices, we get treats and goodies and there are no "never" foods.  We don't feel punished or deprived in any way because we get to eat the things we want.  And because this has been such a slow process that is constantly evolving, we don't need a book to tell us what we are allowed to have. :) 
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