Spring is HERE! :) {enter to win $100!}

It's that time of year again!  The time of year my very soul seems to wait for after a loooooooong winter.  Once the Christmassy days have passed and the lull of "just winter" lingers for a little while too long, there is just something in me that starts to whisper for Spring.  And with Spring, the garden.

I generally have to hold myself back from planting all the things at once.  Spring here in the south can be a little misleading.  Days of seventy degree weather can be followed by two inches of snow...you just never know so we *try* to hold out as long as we can for planting.  In fact, as I am typing this I got a freeze warning for my area.  Of course I did.  I usually try to satisfy my craving to get in the dirt by pulling old weeds, turning the dirt over, drooling over the Burpee Home Gardens website, while looking for some gardening inspiration provoking some day dreams and drooling over all of my garden ideas.   
Regardless of the ups and downs of our weather system, there is something about planting something, watching it grow and reaping a harvest, whether it be fruits or veggies or flowers.  There is something that is just magical about being part of that process.  I always use a mix of plants and seeds.  I planted the Big Beef Beefsteak tomato from Burpee Home Gardens. The Big Beef is extra meaty with a true homegrown flavor and just the right balance of sugars and acids. Big Beef produces extra-large, “beefy” fruit and the large, vigorous and disease-resistant plants are quite manageable when staked or grown in large cages.  

If I've had a hard day, there is therapy in the garden.  Even if it's just poking around and pulling the stray weed or two, five minutes in the garden restores hours to soul, in my ever so humble opinion.  Every year you learn a little more...plant this here and not there.  This spot in the garden gets all sun and that spot gets too much shade.  I'm forever thinking of what to change and when.
In fact, at some point in the summer, my brain begins to shift to "next year" as I make mental notes about what to plant where and when and what I will never plant again.  Burpee Home Garden is always offering a great variety of fun and interesting things to grow.  I love the look and smell of basil and this Ruby Frills Basil variety is fun! It is purple ruffled foliage will keep giving great spicy flavor. It is easy to grow and its late-flowering variety holds its shape and behaves like Emerald Frills. And gardeners love to share that info with each other.  Gardening is a great way to bond with your neighbors {and have someone who will water the garden while you are on vacation!}
Having a garden is like having a free therapist in your back yard.  Having a rough day?  Just pop out there for a minute and see what's growing.  Pull a weed or till a little dirt.  There's always something to do, always a way to distract your brain for a few moments of time.  A garden is so much more than some dirt and plants.  
 Do you garden?  What does it mean to you?  Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win $100 American Express gift card to get started on your own dreamy garden! So start gardening now by visiting Burpee Home Gardens and find a store near you!     

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