How to make a backyard putting green! {DIY putting green}

This holiday weekend we made a little backyard dream come true.  It was easy enough, just a lot of manual labor required. :)  The results though, were even better than we had hoped for and I thought I would do a quick "how to" in case you wanted to pull this off for Father's Day! The total cost was around $100.

Here are some things you need (all supplies from Lowe's):
astro turf (we used a 19 by 6ft piece)
weed mat pins (shaped like a U found where you would get the weed stop paper)
two bags of pea gravel
two bags of fine sand 
eight bags or so of top soil
three 4in pvc pipes (we found them in the odds and ends section of the pvc)
a bag of mulch
plants/greenery as desired
 First we designed our shape with a hose then spray painted an outline using that as a guide.
 Cat assistance optional.
 Then we dug a little trench around the whole thing so we would have a good lip to tuck the turf into.  Then we tried to slice off the top layer of grass without disturbing the dirt too much.  We wanted the grass to be gone, but the dirt to not be "un compacted".  I didn't get a photo of that, but image what it would look like if you shaved the grass.  

Then we added top soil, more where it was needed to be level and less where it was already good.  I used a dirt rake to make it as smooth as possible, removing any large clumps, rocks, etc.  Then (you could rent a "tamper" here and do it that way but we didn't want to spend that money) we used large pieces of scrap plywood to compact the dirt.  We would lay the board down and stomp/jump/step on it.  Acting like a human tamper.  We did that several passes over the whole thing.  Then we wet it down with a hose and did it again.  Our goal was to make it smooth and not necessarily level.  We kept up this process until we could walk across it without making dips in the dirt. 

Now, I didn't get a photo of this either but before we laid the carpet we dug out holes for our cups.  I let Doug decide the best place for those, we made sure our cups fit and then took them out to lay the carpet.
 Then we rolled out our carpet and trimmed to shape, leaving a hang over the edge.  Then we started at one end with out staples, went to the other end to pull it tight and then went around the whole thing, pulling it tight as we stapled it down.   
 Then we added landscaping as appropriate and done!
 Doug was really pleased with the results and now he will be able to get some practice in in our own back yard. 

We used this tutorial as a guide when we needed it.  Hope that helps! :) Have fun making your own!

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