How to cook a pot roast {sunday supper}!

This post may seem like a boring one.  But I promise, follow these directions and you will end up with a roast that even your grandma will be impressed with.  Growing up I was not a fan of roasts.  The way I always had it prepared left it tasting like baked carrots (and I HATE carrots) so as an adult, I never bothered trying to cook it.  Until I was married that is, and learned that it was one of my husbands favorite foods.  So I did what any good wife would do, and learned how to cook it the way his grandma did.  
You start with a roast.  A rump roast, appropriately sized for your family.  I always check the manager section for "clearance meat" (which sounds bad but is just code for "this needs to sell this week") and put one in the freezer to save for when we will want one.

When your roast is defrosted....pat it down with flour coating the whole thing.  Salt and pepper it like you would your dinner plate.   Pre-heat oven to 325.
In a heavy iron pot like this (I sear and bake in the same pot which makes for better gravy but if you don't have this option, just sear it in a frying pan and transfer to something with a lid that you can bake it in) you are going to sear your roast on med heat.  In your pot, melt 4 tablespoons or so of butter.  Now you are going to sear the whole roast until it is all pretty dark brown, almost black.   Turn the roast with spatulas or tongs until it's completely seared, try not to poke any holes in it!
When that is all done, add about a cup of water to your pot and put the lid on.  Put your roast in the oven and go about your business.  Check it every hour or so to see if you need to add any water, you don't want it to go dry. 
Three hours or so later....check for done-ness by trying to pull an edge away from the roast with a fork.  It should almost fall apart. When that's done!  Take the roast out and wrap in foil.  I like to lay some clean towels on top to keep it warm.
Then use that same pot to make your gravy.  Start by adding a couple of tablespoons of flour and use a whisk to get all that meaty goodness off the sides of the pot. Use water from the mashed potatoes you should be making to go with roast.  (Like when you are making mashed potatoes and you boil them, grab some of the water they are boiling in to use for gravy before you dump it all down the drain.  2-4 cups worth should do it).  Add your potato water to the pot, with the drippings and whisk, whisk, whisk on medium heat on the stove top until it thickens up.  I usually have to add salt to taste as well. 

And that's it.  Works every time and everyone will be pleased with you and you will have lots of friends. 

:) Enjoy your new roast making skill!

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