Hello friends!  I've been so immersed in all the fun new ways God is blessing my business that I barely seem to have to share it all!  This year is proving to be much more than I could have hoped for and every day I am excited to wake up and see what it holds! :)  One of the most exciting parts to me has been bible journaling.  Not only has it blessed my walk with Him IMMENSELY but it has also opened avenues of business for me.  He allows me to play a small part in the walks of others and I am so humbled by that.  It's a true blessing getting to mix my business and faith all together!
In case you don't follow me on Instagram (littlebitfunky) here is an action shot of the journaling bible tote I make! (You can find all the info for this and lots of the products you see here at the "bible tote" tab above).  Mine stays pretty packed! 
This is currently one of my favorite things to make!  It combines three of my favorite things...sewing, photos and words!  This is a generous sized pouch and it's custom made with your photo and words of choice. 
How fun would these be for Mother's Day gifts?! :) (you can email me to order at crystal@littlebitfunky.com)
I mean, I can't even handle the precious.  
They are available in any of these awesome colors! I LOVE this print! 
Having these totes pass through my sewing machine is such an honor.  When I remember to, I pray for the items I make and their new owners.  It's such an honor to think of all the bible studies they will accompany! 
Here are some new fabrics choices I am offering! :)

I hope your Friday is just FULL of blessings (hint: it is, you just have to find them!).


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