what i made for monday {fluffernutter bars - four ingredients - no bake}

Want something easy, quick and tasty!  Well here you go!  These are a cinch to whip up and are amazingly tasty! :) A light, crunchy-sweet indulgent treat.  Want to make some?  You will need a whopping FOUR ingredients. 
 You need:
16oz vanilla candy melts (separated in half)
1 1/2cups of peanut butter
box of Ritz crackers
7oz of marshmallow fluff
Melt half of the candy as per directions on the package, spread out onto your pan lined with parchment paper. (Regular cookie sheet size)
 Quickly add a layer of Ritz. 
Warm up the peanut butter in a glass dish until pourable, then pour over crackers. 
Spread it out evenly. 
Do the same with the marshmallow fluff. 
Top with another layer of crackers. 
Melt the other half of candy and spread out on top of crackers, add sprinkles (because sprinkles make everything better).

Allow to cool completely, in the fridge if you'd like, and then cut in the bars.

And that is it!  Painless right? Enjoy and share with your people! :)

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