Bible Journaling Totes and Info! :)


Here I hope to share all the info I learn about Bible Journaling, where to get a Journaling Bible and all the info on my original Journaling Bible totes!

First off, here is my favorite version of the journaling Bible: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)

Here are some of my favorite NO BLEED pens: Infinity Permanent Neon Markers - 8 Colors

And, above are a few products that I designed with Bible Journaling in mind! :)  All of them are available with a verse on the side of your choosing.  All are professionally constructed with attention to detail.  I care a great deal about quality and sending you a product you will love.  You will not find sloppy sewing here!  The sides are sturdy and all fabric is lined.  The divider does not attach to the bottom but does go all the way TO the bottom.  Pockets are available in lieu of a divider. 
The XL Journaling Tote is is for the Bible Journaler who wants all her stuff with her, including her keys, wallet, phone and water bottle. :) The interior is roomy, the sides are sturdy and the straps are long enough to put over your shoulder.

This tote was designed to carry the bible journaling essentials.  One side of the divided tote for your bible, one side for your supplies.  Wide open design makes everything easy to see and get to!  This bag has shorter handles but longer handles are available upon request! :) 

Here they are together so you can get a good look at them next to one another. :)  The top bag is holding a standard sized three ring binder for comparison.  The middle bag is holding the bible linked above. :)
And last but not least, the pencil pouch!  This pouch is available with any scripture or verse you would like.  Made to hold all your pens and highlighters in one place.
Here are the fabric choices I am currently offering (in addition to the pink in the photos).  Every so often, I will change things up and if there is a fabric you love, that I am not offering, we can probably work something out!  I'm pretty easy to work with.  

To order, just send me an email at  Current wait time is 2-4 weeks but I work every day that I am able (meaning no sickness, life events, etc.)  I care a great deal about quality so I take care with each order like it was my only one. :)

Thanks so much!  Happy day to you!
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