23 more elf on the shelf ideas! {pin for next year!}

 Ok, ok.  I know Christmas is over AND I've been a bad blogger.  BUT I do have high hopes and big plans for the New Year!  I'm already scheming recipes and tutorials AND a Valentines post but first, I had to get our elf posts up here for safe keeping!  Once again we had a great load of fun doing this for the boys!  They get a big kick out of it and I know it adds to their holiday JOY!  And for that reason alone it is worth doing!  I hope these give you some ideas to tuck away for next year!  Thanks for hanging in there while I get back into the swing of things and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! :)   

 For this one we hid candy canes around the room with a 
note telling the boys how many were hidden!

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