20 minute crafter - Journaling Bible tabs! {Bible labeling tabs - free download/printable}

So starting new this year (for me) I've been taking my actual bible to church.  I have a journaling bible (available on amazon ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)
Anyway, back to taking the bible to church...I've been taking it and thought it would be nice to add some pretty labeling tabs to make finding the various books easier and after searching all over for the, couldn't find any!  Like none.  I was kind of amazed.  I know you can find old school tabs in various Christian bookstores but I wanted something pretty.

So I made some myself and they are super simple to download and print on ANY cardstock you can get your pretty little hands on!  You could also print them on sticker paper (in White or Kraft Paper )

You just grab the file, put your cardstock or sticker sheets in the printer and print them off!   
Cut them out as they are OR fold them in half and nip the corner with a hole puncher. 

I added mine to my bible using a strong washi tape on one side and regular clear tape on the other.  You could glue them also or if you print on sticker paper, just peel and stick! 
I can't wait to get them all in!
I hope you find this resource helpful for your Bible reading and jouraling! :) Be sure to pin it and share with a friend! :)

You can get the free download HERE to get started! :)

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