20 minute crafter {super simple casserole carrier- makes a great gift!}

I've made several of these as gifts this year!  You will not believe HOW easy they are to make and with cute fabrics, the personalization is endless.  These carriers will carry just about any size dish you can find from a pie to a 11 by 14in!  They are reversible, cute and quick!
The whole thing is basically a square with some loops and a handle, you just thread the loops through the handle and go! 
Here is what you need! 
--Two 22in squares of cotton. 
--One 22in square of either Insul-brite (a thermal batting) or regular cotton battling.  I would guess that the insul-brite won't make a huge difference in how hot your food stays.  
--One 5in by 22in strip of cotton
--Two 7in lengths of wide ribbon
 Start by making a fabric sandwhich...batting, cotton right side up, cotton right side down.  On two opposite corners pin your ribbon into place about 1 1/2in from the corner, as shown above.
Pin, pin, pin, pin, pin and pin once more. 
Sew around the edges like so...I used the edge of my foot as my guide...
Leave an opening about 5in wide.  
Turn it right side out and sew the opening closed...and sew all around the edges for a nice finished look...see above for hem (about 1/4in.)
Fold your 22in strip in half horizontally.  Sew up the side and turn right side out.  Fold in ends about a half inch and press...
Pin onto either side of your finished square about 2in from the corner (opposite corners from your ribbon loops).   Sew strips into place on the ends (NOT along the sides). :)
Your square will appeared buckled, this is correct! :)  And you are done!  I gifted some of these with a new casserole dish!  You could go a little further and fill that dish with something yummy!  

That is all there is to it! I hope you have fun making some!  I think a lot of birthdays in the new year will each be getting one of these!

Happy day to you!

And kind of sewing related...did you know you can make "collections" on Ebay?  I didn't but I now have one...you can visit some cute toy sewing machines to drool over if you'd like to check out my collection!

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