20 minute crafter {giftcard holder/wallet}

This past week I wanted to make a quick little giftcard holder for a couple of giftcards I was giving away.  And since they were for ladies, I wanted them to be cute!  So I figured that if I was going to make them anyway, might as well make them useful, yes?  Want to make a cute little giftcard holder that will also be nice as a little wallet? This project takes about twenty minutes and requires minimal sewing skills.  Ready?
You need two rectangles of cotton fabric and one of fusible interfacing.  They should all measure 7 1/2 by 4 1/2in.  Iron the interfacing onto one of the cotton rectangles, doesn't matter which one.  
Sew around the sides using about a 1/4in seam allowance as shown...
Sew like this! :) 
Turn right side out, press if you'd like and sew the opening closed.
Before you fold up like above, you will need to add your velcro,  sew a strip of velcro on the bottom of one side and the top of the other, like so (or sew!) and then fold up as shown above.  Give it a good press, it will help. 
Now if you want, you can add a loop with a keychain here.  There is also another way to add this, shown in the bottom photo.  
Sew around the three edges and you are pretty much done.  Close it and then give the edges a good firm pressing! 
Now your giftcard is more than a giftcard!
Here is another way to add a loop...before sewing your rectangles together, measure about 2in from what will be the top flap of your wallet, pin the loop/keychain in place as shown and sew it into the seam.  Either way works! Have fun making some! :)

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