twenty minute crafter {finger puppet nativity} (updated!)

At long last...all done!  And with plenty of time for you to make these for Christmas or have your kids make them! 

You can sew them or glue them or embroider them!  I managed to make my set with ALL sewing!

To assemble...just think in layers if you are sewing.  For example (above) you can attach Mary's face to her scarf and then to a body that is already sewn together.   When I attached the head/scarf to the body, I just went around the sides and top, leaving the bottom open little fingers could still get in there. :) I did something similar to most of them, knowing that I could sew through all the layers and still leave room for fingers.
 For baby Jesus, I just cut a rectangle bigger than the baby and some yellow strips...
and sewed a line down the middle...
 And hopefully these photos will help you be able to assemble the rest...
 I just used some buttons for the wise men gifts.
You can either download the pattern file from here:
OR you can pull the image below off the page and onto a word document.  The pattern is for an 8 1/2in by 11in piece of paper so just resize it to fit.

I purchased wool felt scraps here at The Felt Shoppe. 
You can find them elsewhere but these were my favorite for quality, quantity and price. :) 

You will print the pattern off (on cardstock), cut out the shapes and use as a guide for your felt pieces.  You will cut one of all of the pieces but the bodies.  You will need four of the angel and baby Jesus body, four of the sheep and donkey body and twelve of the other bodies (either basic or "fancy").  

Hope you enjoy making your own set! :) There's lots of room for creativeness to take the reins!

Have fun!


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