'round here....

Good morning from my happy little studio!  I've been a hot mess of all sorts of things here lately, along with trying to get through my waiting list by the end of the month I've also been dealing with some pretty emotionally FULL things.  Which is why it's been pretty quiet here.  But I thought I would take a minute or two and walk you through what's been going on around here!   
This finally  happened.  I knew it would.  It was inevitable.  More times than I can count I've sliced through my nail or the very thin top layer of my skin.  But this time it went through the "meat" of my finger and broke off.  I pulled it out, put on a band-aid and got back to work.  My employer doesn't offer workmans comp. :)  
At the request of a few...I've come up with a darling, padded electronics sleeve.  Perfect for an iPad or tablet or laptop! 

Keepsakes remain one of my favorite things to make! What's not to love a bout turning a favorite outfit into a treasure to keep forever?!
And lots of these guys have been flying out the door to their new homes all over the world.  I'm so blessed to have hohos in more countries than I can remember!
And the biggest news lately is that thanks to my shiny new machine, I can now offer personalization on pretty much anything I make!  Add a name to a hoho or bag or electronics sleeve!  Hooray!

Hope your week is AMAZING and full of good surprises!  I've you've stopped by here, I am thankful for YOU!

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