More verses of the day. Part Three.

Hello again friends!  Thought it was about time to post a few more of my favorite "verses of the day".  I use "the bible" app on my phone and iPad for my daily reading and create these images using vintage artwork and then post them to my IG feed on a daily basis (littlebitfunky)

Yes, I am still reading The Message translation.  No, I'm not doing it to be "a cool Christian" and no, I do not believe it is an abomination to the word of God.  No need to email me about the safety of my soul or how it harms others.  I am well educated on the subject, thanks. :)

You can read for yourself why it's OK to read The Message if you would like. :) My friend, Ryan, who wrote that article for me, recently informed me that Jesus himself used and quoted a paraphrase of the word of God.  I'm hoping he will have the time to share that info with all of us soon. :)

In the meantime, enjoy these verses.  Feel free to print and hang and use for yourself as you see fit (personal use only please).  Have a super day! :)

More free verses of the day HERE. 

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