integrity. a noun.

1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
2. the state of being whole and undivided.

I am not a writer, not by any means of my imagination, I do not possess the skill or talent necessary to call myself such.  Every so often, as the Lord sees fit, He allows a writer to transpose themselves with me.  Any good word or sentence that has come of this blog has been a direct result of that allowed transposition.   There are times that I feel so strongly the need to pour my heart out that I cannot do anything but do so.  Those times, so strong with God's presence, I feel I am doing a small part of what God has called me to do.  It's amazing to me, the path He has created for me.  I make monsters and write a blog FOR A LIVING.  That just sounds insane, now doesn't it?  The even crazier part to me is that depth of audience which He has allowed me to reach, not just sewing hopefuls or stay at home moms but women who need encouragement, broken people who God speaks to through my story, MEN.  That last one kills me.  I don't know why, but when a male tells me that they read and enjoy my blog and walk away encouraged, I feel like the circle is complete.  God has created a ministry so suited to me, that no one else could do it, not in the ways He has allowed me.  He is awesome like that.  We are not limited to choices 1-20 but instead are handed a path so unique, that no one else could even tell it the same way in the history of world.  Amazing.  

And sometimes He speaks up in ways we don't expect.  

Take the table in the photo above.  We recently inherited it from Doug's grandparents home.  Doug's grandpa passed away this winter and grandma has moved permanently to her condo in Florida.  The table and its china cabinet went through many hands before it came to ours.  It's a grand table, with the ability to seat up to 20-22.  I don't think I've wiped it down, or set it or sat at it once since having it and not thought about all of the dinners and conversations it has seen. The holidays and family times.  The missionaries and pastors who coffeed with the grandparents.  This was their formal dining room table and grandma was an entertainer, as many of her time, who made wonderful meals and served friends around it, more times than anyone could count I am sure.  It lived a good life in it's old house.  

And now it sits in mine.  It rarely sees a table cloth.  Little boys sit and color at it.  It sees homework being done and corndogs and mac and cheese, elegant meals a long ago history.  It gets messy with kids projects and occasionally has some glue stuck on it.  It still sees friends who gather together.  Peoples bellies and hearts are still fed on it.  The Bible is studied and Thanksgiving this year will be a grand event.          

I caught myself looking at this table the other day and hearing God whisper.  "The table's job is still the same.  The surroundings are different, the people are new, but the integrity and purpose are the same".  Huh?  I was totally like "it's a table, God".  I moved on with my day and then much later it hit me.  If I take that statement, like a projector film and lay it over certain areas of my still rings true.      

Sometimes God changes what the surroundings look like.  Some people come and go in our lives.  But our purpose is to maintain the integrity and purpose He washed us with in the first place.  Our job is still the same.  It doesn't matter if things don't look they way we were used to, or want to, or like someone else's.  My desire in life, is to be so tightly enmeshed with Him that all the storms do is blow away the chaff, and sometimes the surroundings and people in our life are just that, things that once had purpose in our life, but no longer.  

That is the purpose of a storm sometimes.  Our job is still the same.
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