raising an ebenezer - daycare-less

I admit, it's been a little sparse around here lately.  We've been working ourselves into our new school routine, adding in sports and activities and church stuff all around.  I have been working every minute (literally) of the day to get caught up to life and I can see that happening in the next week and a half or so if I keep it up. 

In the meantime, lunches are being made, treats sent into work, homework completed and all of that.  I haven't had much time for extracurricular creative works or reading but thankfully I serve a God who speaks to me where I am at and He was kind enough to remind me of something yesterday and this morning felt an Ebenezer needed to be raised.  You can read more of them HERE, if you would like.  

The point of an Ebenezer is, in simple terms, to be a reminder.  Something that points you to what God has done for you as a way of reminding you when you need it.  There are many instances in the Bible where God told His people to "raise an ebenezer" and remember.

And this is one of those times.

Both of my children are in school full time this year.  First time ever for this happening.  It wasn't until yesterday driving home from taking them there that I realized that Doug and I had met a goal we had set for ourselves: our children made it to full time school without any need of any form of daycare.  To us, for OUR family, that was a huge desire and need.

I always knew I wanted to be some form of stay at home mom, that I never wanted to entrust the care of my children and all of their firsts to anyone.  Ever.  It's just something I have always felt.  In fact, on our second or third date, I told Doug something similar to "I have no intention of being a career woman, my desire is to stay home with my kids until they are grown" and followed up with "If this doesn't work for you, this should probably be our last date".

And yet he kept me. :) 

Doug and I both knew how we wanted our children cared for, that we wanted a childhood of learning over structured academics during their little years.  We knew that it didn't matter if they could read by two or tie their shoes by three that more studies than not show that it all becomes a wash in kindergarten.  We knew we wanted to protect them and keep them as little as possible for as long as possible.  We knew that the better environment was at home, with me.   

We have faced critics and do gooders who tried to convince us that daycare was a better option.  Or people who thought we were insane for me to quit my job when Moses was born (I made 2/3 of our income and had great insurance at the time).  We have been judged on many levels for not going the way of the world these days but it never really mattered to us.  We always knew what God wanted for us and our boys and we did it.    

And I am sharing this to encourage both you and myself. 

For me, this is a reminder that if God shows us the path He wants us to take for our boys, HE WILL provide the way.  The same that goes for staying at home goes for private school tuition goes for school clothes goes for college.  God will provide. 

For you, take this as encouragement that obedience always pays off.  God has come through for every need my boys had during their baby/toddler years.  He always provided food and shelter and clothes and diapers.  We never had need of anything and it wasn't because we made a lot of money either.  Christmas gifts became diapers, birthday money became the next needed wardrobe on and on, He provided in little ways.  As long as we kept on the path He set before us, we had all we needed and then some. 

If staying at home with your kids is the path you feel led to follow, it may take some scary steps, it WILL take some sacrifices, you will be criticized or maybe assumed lazy because of it.  But none of that matters if you are willing to be obedient.  If we had "figured it out on paper" first, we never would have summoned the courage, instead, we just chose obedience.

And here we are.  Almost eight years later, no debt, no daycare.  And it still doesn't make sense on paper.

*disclaimer* This is NOT an anti-daycare post.  I just knew it was not right for OUR family.  Your family and your path is not my business, only YOU know what God wants for your family and He will certainly bless that too!  :)   

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