randomness for Friday.

 There's a lot going on in the land of hohos!  We are working on accepting Fall around here, cute little Halloween hohos sure do help! You can order one by emailing me at crystal@littlebitfunky.com :)
And I have been having a lot of fun with my new digital art!  How cute are these buttons?!
And, just for a moment, it's fun to make something other than hohos...
Especially if it's from hoho fabric! :) You can order this fabric (and wrapping paper!!) from my Spoonflower account HERE. :) Coming sooon...Christmas wrap!!
 I love a good custom order! Here is one of my favorites from this week! :)
 I am back in the swing of sending weekly treats in to the teachers, coworkers, mailmen, etc.  This is my favorite way to send in cupcakes so they are a little more safe (and presentable!).  Just a cupcake in a clear hard plastic cup...
 and the whole think in a treat bag!  Even a kindergartener can get it to class safely!
And one more random bit...I have found that these empty Crystal Light containers are great for Moses' stand up lunch box!  I feel so smart.

Hope you have a super weekend! :)


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