inside the little bit funky studio!

Good morning to you!!  Welcome to my little studio!  I've come a long way from dining room table to closet to shared office space to now, this glorious wonderful space that I get to practically live in! :)  I'm in the process of getting some new (old) furniture in my house and some of you will understand why this means ALL THE THINGS in the house get shuffled around.  Earlier this week I took some time clean up, organize and rearrange my studio space and I LOVE IT!  It's amazing how just a little moving around can make a whole place feel new!

Now my studio is officially the dining room in our house, it's off both the kitchen and the living room but I LOVE the location.  I'm never far from anything that is going on but still in my own space.  This summer was a bit crazy so it was in dire need of some attention but now it's all fresh and clean!  I hope you will like peeking around!     

Above is where many of my supplies live and most of my fabric.  The cubbies are from Target!
 The curtains are made from a vintage (hand-sewn) quilt top that I got from Goodwill for $5!  The button rug is from Ikea.
The massive table in here was made by me! The bunting hanging on the wall is made from all vintage sewing supplies! 
This is real life.  The green box on the floor is papers that need to be shredded.  The blue box holds all my receipts, the bulletin holds all my love notes from people like YOU! :)  The washi tape holder is actually a ribbon holder from Joann!
That door is my pantry and down that little hall is the kitchen.  
This is my sewing/printing/working station.  That tall metal cabinet was $5 and holds all of my vintage textiles! 
Hoho fan art is my favorite!  These are a few of the lovely pieces sent to me by hoho fans! I love each piece and what they represent! 
My best girl.  
Work in progress.  Coffee and Netflix are a must.  Currently I am rewatching 30 Rock. 
Beyond the stairs is the living room, just to the left is the front door. :) 
Vintage traveling cases hold supplies, too! 

And my studio mascot, enjoying the new location of her bed that I made from a vintage suitcase and couch legs! 
Hope you enjoyed having a look around! :)

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