Making memories, then and now {a post sponsored by Chevy}

     One of my favorite ways to start off an activity with my boys is, "I loved doing this when I was little..." and seeing their eyes light up and this special look of wonder come across their faces.  I don't know if it's the activity, the thought of me as a child or the idea that we are about to replicate something from FOREVER ago that appeals to them but whatever it is, it makes whatever we are doing much more fun.  Make that an activity that their dad did as a child and well, the stars in their eyes are easy to see.

     At least once a year we travel north and visit my husband's childhood home.  He lived in the same place his entire life and as a result, memories are around every corner.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law own a home that sits on a beautiful lake.  It's a lake that my husband swam in, fished in, ice skated on and essentially grew up on.  Our visits there are generally full of activities that are laced with, "when Daddy was little he did this with Grandpa or Grandma..." and we often make a point of seeking out those kinds of activities.  It ends up being part family history session and part pure fun.    

     And I'll admit, seeing my boys play in the same sand my husband built castles in is a special thing.  Seeing my boys row out into the lake with their grandfather, knowing their father once sat, all little and helpless in the space they now occupy, somehow and some way connects one generation to the next. Those kinds of things become the fibers that knit us together as a family, a bridge between three different generations.   
     Tucking my boys into bed in a room covered in wallpaper that my husband picked out as a young man completes some circuit of time that reinforces who we are as a family.  It says to my kids, maybe in a way they can't quite verbalize, that we were you once; we were little and liked the things you like, too!   It provides some unseen force of togetherness, of permanency, of family.

   One of the keys to any good relationship is common ground of some sort.  Being able to show my kids that they are walking in their dad's footprints gives us a little of that common ground.  From the parent side, it somehow gives us hope that we are getting some things right.  Exposing our kids to the same things that we enjoyed and grew up on affords us the hope that maybe we're exposing them to a lot more than that.  To put it simply, if my boys are having boyhoods that reflect the one my husband had, maybe the results will be the same as well and they will grow up to mirror the good man my husband is.   
    Whatever the source of our adventures, filling our time with past and present memories is always a surefire way to continue a loop of time connecting one childhood to the next.  Maybe in some small way it reminds us to have a little more grace with each other.  For us to remember that being a child isn't always easy and for them to remember that their parents are human, prone to whim and error just like them!  I'm thankful for such a precious way to cinch us all in together.  The framework of my husband's childhood has left a great blueprint for raising children.  It's not until I had my own kids that I realized how important those memories are. Not only am I resurrecting memories from my own childhood, and my husbands, but I'm creating memories with my boys, that they will one day share with their children.  That is as close to creating a visual for the process of creating a family legacy that we may ever get.    

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