how to set yourself up for success (working from home or otherwise)

Good morning!  I apologize for spacing out here for the most part last week!  It was just a tinge crazy and a little life changing.  For the first time in my married and mother life, both of my children are in school full time, together! :)

For the last 7 1/2 years of my life, I have worked on my blog and business with children at my feet, with requests for milk or snacks or every name and number of emergency in their life at the time.  Last year was especially crazy with two boys in two different schools at two different times.  I drove a lot but I still made it work.

But now, that is all different.  Now,  I drop two boys off at 8am and pick them up at 3pm.  That's a lot of day to myself.  
Last week I kind of considered it a dry run, on their first day, Doug took the day off and we just spent it together, he golfed and I tagged along.  We shopped and ate and hung out until it was time to get the boys.  Then Friday, on my first official day alone, it was very weird.  I almost didn't know what to do with myself.  Strangely enough it took me some serious effort to get myself going in the right direction.  And now, with a new week ahead of me, solidly full of five days straight of uninterrupted working, I've done a little better to set myself up for success.

I thought it might be helpful to share how I did that, in case like me, you need a boost to get the ball rolling.  

1:  I cleaned my house.  A dirty house is a great distraction to me.  I spent a nice chunk of time just putting things back where they belonged, cleaning the floors and bathrooms (two key pieces to me feeling like the house is in good shape).  I always say, if you don't know where to start, empty the kitchen sink of dirty dishes, make the beds, vacuum the floors and do a load of laundry.  That's usually enough to get me going.

2:  I ran my errands on Sunday.  Instead of having to run to multiple stores during my "working hours" I ran them on my way home from church.  That helped me with the next step as well, which was...

3:  Make sure you have what you need to do what you have to during the week.  For me this meant making sure I had lunch supplies, loosely planning dinners, and deciding what treats I was going to make to send into school and work with Doug.  Doug and I also went shopping for soccer supplies, since that starts this week.  Planning ahead decreases stress.  These needs of course may be different for you!

4:  Decide on your morning schedule for your kids.  Print it out if need be, that way everyone knows what to expect.  For us it goes like this: up at 7am, the boys are expected to get dressed and make their beds, breakfast, bible reading, teeth brushing and then they get to play until we have to leave at 8am.       

5:  Decide and plan your day(s).  For me, I've decided to begin each day with a walk around our block, which equals out to a mile or two depending on my mood.

6:  Have a general goal for the day.  For me, this is going to take me some time to figure out, but I will plan it as I learn. 

7: Coffee. 
So there is that!  I would love to hear your recipe for success as well! :) I hope your week is full of delight and surprises and good things!  Thanks for stopping by! :)

P.S.  While you're here don't forget to hop over and read my post on making family memories! :)  
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