How to Propagate Succulents! {or how to make more succulents from other succulents} AN UPDATE!!!

 So almost two months ago I wrote you a little tutorial on propagating succulents and thought you might enjoy a little update on their growth! You can find the how-to and sources for the plants on the original post done in June. I started these with some cutting I bought on Amazon and the results have been pretty awesome.  Above is the baby succulent nursery on day one!
 Here's that same tray two weeks can see some encouraging growth here!
 And six you can see, I only lost a plant or two!  It happens.
And here is the tray at about two months old.  I need to start thinking about transplanting them into their own containers! I'm pretty pleased with my amazon purchase. :) Hop on back to the original post and give propagation a try! :)
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