good monday mornin!

Good Monday morning to you!

I wish I could say I had something profound or tasty to share with you this morning, but this day finds us lost in a fog.  Literally.  For the last couple of days we have had some serious Fall weather, that I refuse to participate with.  It seems to be rushing the end of our Summer and I am not quite ready to come to terms with that. 

I feel like I'm stuck in a weird kind of limbo.  On one hand, I'm a little bummed out that Summer has flown by so quickly.  On the other I'm trying to force myself into finding things to be thrilled about this Fall.  I'm always trying to remind myself that there always something to be excited about, to look forward to.  That even though Summer is my favorite, there are ways to enjoy the rest of the year. 

This summer has been purposefully laid back, without routine or much reason to our day.  I say that knowing that our laid back is probably a lot more routine than most but for us, we've been pretty lazy.

BUT.  But.  But.

I'm immensely excited at all the work God is doing in my life.  Like lots of work.  Both daily and long term, I find myself in the midst of a work zone and hard hats are required.  I find myself thinking about our life and time and Charlottesville and if that was the desert (and it was.  I still have very little good to say about that place), then this current life is the lush and fertile jungle.  Where in Charlottesville God was culling and removing the dead areas in our life, tilling the soil and pulling the and now He is planting and even beginning a harvest in some areas.  Of course there is still necessary work and weed pulling (thankfully, actually) but the kind of work occurring now is less painful, more steady and less yanking. 

Life is still a challenge, but the obstacles are of a different variety.  He is teaching us a new level of love.  A new depth of friendships.  A new level of confidence.  All of which stems from Him, having formerly removed false foundations, we are growing in Him.

I have a lot to share about it all.  The biggest of which is why I am so excited to turn 35 next week.  But He's still telling me what and how He wants me to share that.

For now, be blessed and be a blessing.  We have no excuse not to.


P.S.  While you're here don't forget to hop over and read my post on making family memories! :)   
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