How to sew a simple skirt! {a project for the weekend}

So I was perusing the aisles of Joann Fabrics the other day, searching for the most random kind of fabric for the most random project ever, which I'll show you another day, when this remnant caught my eye.  I saw it and instantly saw the skirt it was meant to be.  I love it when that happens, don't you?  Even if I didn't know the whole process when I bought the fabric, I just knew that it was meant for better things than the remnant bin.  So here is me, encouraging you, to just BUY that fabric you love already and don't be afraid to just make something up as you go!  Sometimes you just have to live a little.

So I saw this fabric, and knew it would be a skirt and then came home and made it up as I went.  Feel free to change how I do things, I just thought it might be encouraging and fun to show you the results of "just make it up as you go".  Ready?  
So here was my remnant.  It ended up being about a 50 inches long and about 44in wide  If it helps you decide to buy a remnant or not, hold the fabric up around your waist and make sure it's as long as you need to be plus a few inches so you have room to play.  You also want to make sure it goes around your waist at least 1 1/2 times or more.  The selvedges on this piece are on the right and left.  Since I wanted the pattern to be horizontal that worked for me.  If I had wanted the stripes to be vertical I would have had to "square up" the edges and made sure I had a as close to a square as possible.

You will also need some elastic.  I used 1 1/4in because I thought the waist would be cute a little chunky. 
But...since I wanted horizontal...I folded the fabric by bringing the selvedges together (right sides together) and sewed along that edge.  
Then, I folded it in half the other way, so the wrong sides were together and the un-hemmed edges met.  I know that is confusing but if you look closely you will see the edge on the left is a fold and the edges on the right are the un-hemmed ones.   
See...un-hemmed edges.
 A folded edge.  The skirt will be reversible, that's a bonus right? 
Now, head on over to your iron, fold back the outer layer, iron a hem as shown above.  Then tuck that layer out of the way and do the same with the outer layer.   
Here's how I did that...pinned one end to my ironing board (already folded in) and pulled with my left arm and ironed with my right. :) 
Then line up the ironed hems and pin.  
Start at the selvedge seam so you can line them up and work around.  Then sew around the edge, leaving an opening large enough to get your elastic in.    
See the opening? :) 
Then gauge about how wide you need to make your "elastic pocket" and add about a half an inch or so.  
Then sew all the way around again, closing this one and staying parallel to your first sewn line.  
Then feed your elastic through, the "safety pin" method is my favorite.  Make sure it doesn't get twisted.  
Then sew then ends together, pull it through and close up the opening. :) And that is IT!
One super cute skirt, done in about twenty minutes! No pattern, no plan, just a love for fabric.  I hope this encourages you to just jump in and try! :) Have fun!


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