how to make string art {40 ideas & 20 minute crafter}

We're in the trenches of summer right now...somewhere between "let's make the most of every day" and "how many more days until school starts?".  A couple of weeks ago I promised the boys "one fun thing a day" for each day that remains in their far we've done things like playground runs, ice cream stops, cooking, and random other various things....many of which I think up at the last minute based on time, money and coupons available!  This one was a little more planned, Moses really loved it and Aaron enjoyed as well! 
Here are some of the tools you will need:
scrap wood, a print out of the letter you want to do that matches the size of your scrap wood, pliers, a hammer, small nails (make sure they have a head on them, from Lowe's), a ruler, a pencil and thin string (found at Joann's).  
The first thing we did was to mark a dot every half an inch or so using the ruler and pencil.
Then using the pliers to hold the nail (and keep them all the same height) hammer a nail into each dot you've marked.  
Eventually, you will get to this point. 
Then peel off your paper...
Get your string out, tying it to your first nail (pick one). 
And go to town zig zagging like crazy.  Moses really enjoyed this part.  I worked with Aaron (5) to do this, I told him to pick a nail for me to end up on and I would zig-zag until I got there.  
Keep going!  The more you do, the bolder your design will be.  
To end it, make your way back to the nail you started on and knot off the string.  I also tied the beginning end of the string to the end end of the string.  You could also add a dab of glue to hold in in place.   
The result is pretty fun!  The whole project cost less than $5! 
When you're done you can hang them!  You can also do a whole word in the same way. 
Have fun making your own!

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