how to cure a sore throat {almost instantly}

So.  I will start this by saying that I am HUGE skeptic of "all natural" remedies.  I have used my share in the past and all I would have to show for it was less money and no results.  But sometimes you are desperate.  We are currently in a desperate phase.   Or were.  Or are.  Depends on the day.
Aaron has had strep throat on and off since February.  Recently he had another bout where we learned he was allergic to penicillin, resulting in a trip to the ER because he passed out, as he was covered in a terrible outbreak of hives (see above).  He went on to become very swollen and uncomfortable and went on a new variety of anti-biotic.  All of that got taken care of, thankfully.  His outbreak was also very short compared to what we were told it would be.  We know that God's hand was on Aaron during all of it and we are so thankful for that!

Fast forward a couple of days and Moses started to complain of a sore throat.  And then I woke up with a severe sore throat.  In my desperate "not something else!!!!!!" state I googled "natural remedy for strep" and apple cider vinegar was the winner.

I headed to our local Kroger and bought a bottle of the good stuff "bragg apple cider vinegar", came home, took a dose (2 tbls of AVC diluted in about a cup of grape juice for me and 1 scant tbl in juice for the boys) and within 20 minutes the raw burn in my throat was GONE!! I could not believe it!  It actually worked!  I did another dose in the evening and by the next day my throat was PERFECT!

I could not believe it!!! Did I say that?  Since then we have all taken a daily dose of apple cider vinegar, diluted in juice and plan on doing so into the sunset!  I'm hoping and praying that at long last we can put months and months of sickness behind us!

Just a few tips I've learned :
-It has to be all organic with "the mother" apple cider vinegar.  The cheap stuff doesn't cut it.
-Be sure you swish with water a bit after you take it to protect your tooth enamel. 
-Use a straw to help bypass the taste buds.  The juice helps but it has a strong taste.

Additionally, I had some gum pain and a fever blister (I get them under stress and sickness).  The gum pain went away after the first dose and my fever blister was gone within 24 hours! They usually last for over a week!

So...all of that to say, I am now a convert.  I've marked one check in the "all natural" department.

If you can't get it at your local market, you can buy it on amazon, a link is below, not a bad price if you can't buy it locally.  I hope your results are as good as mine! :)

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