Verse of the day {free scripture images}.

 Earlier this year I began hunting down "stock free" images online as well as pulling things from my personal collection of children's books to use as backgrounds to the verse of the day I share online through my Instagram page (littlebitfunky).  The verse is delivered to my phone via "the bible app" in the app store and I use a photo editing app to add the verse to a stock image.  It's been an amazing little ministry for me.  By that I mean that either I regularly get emails or comments exclaiming that THAT was just what the person needed to read or see or that it was confirmation to something God was wanting them to do.  It's been fun to be able to speak a little bit of light into the lives of so many.
Too often social media can get us bogged down a little.  I know from where I stand, often I am treated as a non-person, that somehow having X number of followers here or there means that somehow my feelings have grown numb to criticism or harsh words.  This outlet has given me a positive place to focus on.  The fact that God would allow me to touch even one life in such a simple way is completely humbling in itself, that he would allow me to connect with many lives this way, is mind blowing.

Anyway, all that to say, here are some of my favorite images and posts to date.  Feel free to pin and share and print and bless others with them! 

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