some hoho love for friday.

 (bitties bitties everywhere!)
Just wanted to share a little hoho love with you this morning.  I've yet to have a day when I don't LOVE my job, challenges and all, it is a HUGE Blessing to me to be able to create for a living!  Writing out the journey is just adding fuel to my fire and I am so glad that you take the time to read it!  In case you missed it you can read my history on "How to be successful in small {handmade} business". 
I'm still going through the history but eventually plan to tell all about what has worked for me and what hasn't!  In the meantime, enjoy some of what I have been working on this week!  You can order anything you see here by emailing me at ! I'd love to make some hohos just for you! 

One of my newest products is a lovey!  It features minky on one side and lots of ribbons that babies love all around the edges!
 You can even add a matching hoho!
 This little keychain is super popular!
And pigtails make any hoho extra special! 
And this custom order takes the cake!  One of my dearest customers is redoing her bathroom in HOHOS!  How awesome is that?! You can see her shower curtain here (featuring a huge hoho) and some hoops she will add to the space!  It's always fun to have a challenge!

And finally...we can have hoho tees!
I chose the dreamiest color in my favorite brand of shirt!  The only catch is that we have to sell 50 before they will print!  You can visit to grab one! :)

Hope your weekend is fantastic!  Email me to order anything you see here! xoxo

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