shop and summer talk.

It's here.  Summer break.  I'm pretty excited that it is, indeed, finally here.  
This past school year was hectic, good but crazy a little.  Both boys were in two different schools, on two different schedules.  It required three round trip runs to the next town over a about 30 minutes a trip plus that took a lot out of my day.  Plus the gas...oh my. A $60 a week visit...I'm glad to see that go for now.  
So yes, staying home all day or hopping over to the pool that's 4.5 miles away?  We're going to have no trouble getting used to that.  

So now we settle in for the lazy days of summer.  Except not so lazy really. 
 I'm enjoying being able to start my work day at 6:30am or earlier.  Seems like a day is much more productive when you can start then right?  I spent yesterday cutting up this darling, hand stitched quilt top and making them into something new.  I love giving new life to old things. 
 Here's what that quilt top turned into...vintage inspired, little hoho pillows, with a pocket in the back for notes or little treasures.  Very limited in availability...the last seven for sometime will be up for grabs, auction style on the hoho instagram page "littlebitfunkyhohos".
And remember that kid I wouldn't let out of the pool until he remembered how to swim?  I'm so glad I did that.  He spent yesterday afternoon jumping off the diving board again and again and again.  His fear completely gone.  
And Moses, well he never lost it. :)
And with that, here's my post at the pool.  A little light reading on my lap.  This author is awesome, I'm excited to read this book this summer, equipping myself with knowledge to back up my faith. 

Has your summer begun yet?

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