hoho love.

 If you can't tell, I'm trying desperately to get my blogging groove back.  This past spring was just tough, (time wise) preceded by a very tough winter (health and heart wise).  The result was a slow descent into blogging blah!  But I'm working hard to get that back, to keep you (if you are still out there?) updated on life, thinking of some new ideas and hoping for divine inspiration. 

I very often forget that here and Instagram are two different places, with two circles of people (thought probably very overlapped).  So some of the new in the world of hohos may be new to you here!

Above is a sweet little wooden bowl I refinished with a little hoho love!  They won't be a regular feature but was a fun breath of fresh air.  I very often think "could I add a hoho to that?" and sometimes the answer is YES!  I'm thankful for a wonderful group of hoho supporters, who encourage me with their words (and purchases too!).  Maybe I'll work on a "how I got here post". 

Below you will find a few more examples of hohos that are available, the "about the hohos" tab at the top will give you all the info you need about sizes, etc and how to order!  Currently the waiting list runs about a month or so!

And if you are still here, will you take a second and tell me where you came from?  How long you've been reading?  What you'd like to see (again)? 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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