good monday morning motivation.

I know, posting two days in a row, feels like old times right? 

The truth is, I fell far from my blogging groove.  Sometime ago I found out that certain people were combing my blog for info and photos of my kids to use against me and that stunted my desire to write or share here.  I'm slowly recovering and truly miss this space as my journal. 

Today, right now, I'm choosing to jump back in and learn again. 

Yesterday was our first day of swimming this year and it was like Aaron had never swum before in his life.  It was painful to watch him get scared and want to quit but Doug and I refused to let him think he couldn't swim.  Last year he was carefree in the water, diving and jumping and swimming like a fish.  We knew his ability was in there.  While many parents would have let the fear determine his actions, we told him he wasn't getting out of the pool until he showed us he remembered how to swim. 

There was a good 15 minutes where he cried and panicked.  But you know what?  The light bulb went off eventually and our little fish came back.  Instead of leaving that pool on a scared bad note, we left on a confident one.  Sometimes we just have to push through the scary to get to the place we remember, yes?

That's what I'm doing here.  Is there a place where you need to do that too?  Is God calling you to stay in the water until you remember what you once knew?
(and just for fun, my garden this morning.  Lush and full and glowing in the morning sun.)
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