{low carb} copycat bang bang shrimp!

  We've been low carb eaters for almost two years now.  I've learned how to take most recipes and turn them low carb without sacrificing taste.  In fact, several of the regular-turned-low-carb recipes I have made have become some of our favorite foods!  The chicken lazone and broccoli soup to name a couple! 

One of our favorite treats when we eat out is "Bang Bang Shrimp" from Bonefish.  I LOVE it but I will admit, I've never had it without my stomach gurgling shortly afterwards.  It's just so heavy!  

After perusing a few copycat recipes to find the basic ingredients, I came up with this light and equally tasty version, that won't leave your tummy turning!  The bonus is that it's lower carb! 

This recipe is enough to coat twenty shrimp or so (I buy precooked, shelled and deveined).

Combine the following ingredients:
3 tablespoons of sour cream (check brands for the lowest carb variety)
3-4 tablespoons of green onion, chopped
3/4 tablespoons sriracha sauce

Since the following ingredient has the most carbs, only add as much as you need to taste.  
1-2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce

Prepare your shrimp as desired until fully cooked and hot, grilled or in the oven, then brush on the sour cream mixture.  Serve right away, garnished with more chopped green onion! 

Enjoy the yummy spicy sweet taste that is LIGHT on your tummy!


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