20 minute crafter: a $2 Mother's Day Gift {and a free Mother's Day printable}!!

Are you ready for Mother's Day?  While I don't LOVE Mother's Day for my own reasons I do try to use this holiday as a way to appreciate all mothers out there.  It always helps to focus on the GOOD rather than the bad.  Each year I give a little Mother's Day gift to the boys' teachers, as a way to say "thank you" for mothering my boys while they are with you! Today's craft is perfect for that and budget friendly!  Each one ended up costing me about $2!  Can't beat that can you?
Here's what you need:
Mother's Day Pennant printable (printed, cut out, attached to skewers)
potting soil (or free garden soil)
succulents (I found mine at Lowe's.  The pack shown was $4)
glass containers (I found mine at Goodwill for about .95c each.  You could also use jars you've saved).
small pebbles
Put a layer of pebbles on the bottom (for good drainage), add a tiny bit of dirt, then the plant, then more dirt to fill! 
Add your cute flags (get your kids to sign them!) and that's it!  A pretty cute little gift for not much money or time!

Have fun making some!  Pin away!

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