Saving more than money with ePantry! {and save on Mrs. Meyers and Method}

Hello there!  Yes, I am talking about ePantry once again.

I just can't help it.

I admit, I signed up with them for the first incredible deal I got on some hand soap

But since then, I've come to really love the company because they save me TIME and MONEY!!  They have a great team you can learn about HERE and their customer service has been amazing!  

Shortly after my last post they contacted me asking if I would like to offer a special deal to my readers, just in case I hadn't talked you into trying them already.  So of course I said YES!

But before I share that deal, here are a few reasons you should consider trying ePantry and using their service foreverrrrrr!

1) They save you TIME! You can set a schedule to have all essentials mailed right to your home!  This includes toilet paper, laundry soap, cleaning supplies and more.  I figure that the fewer reasons I have to "run into target for one thing" the more money I save.  I love Target, but that store is a money and time suck!   If you can eliminate a few reasons to go there, you save time and money!  I also enjoy any reason not to leave my house!

2) Their prices, without a coupon or special deal ARE cheaper than you will find at Target for Mrs. Meyers and Method products.  I love these products but prior to ePantry would only buy them on clearance because they just cost too much otherwise!  EPantry solves that problem!

3) They carry Mrs. Meyers and Method products! Do you love them too?  Have you tried them? You will love them.  They are a line of high quality eco-friendly products that work and smell great.

3) They have a great referral program!  After you place your first order you can refer your friends (because I promise you will want to!) and they get $10 off of their first order and YOU get a $10 credit off of your next order.  For example, you refer your mom and she signs up, you get $10 off your next order and your mom gets $10 off of hers!  Even if you get one referral a month, that's a huge savings!  Add that to not having to run to Target for toilet paper and you are saving some serious money (you can't buy what you don't see!).

4) They've offered a special deal just for Little Bit Funky readers!  By following this special "Little Bit Funky Readers" link you can get 25% off of your first order and FREE shipping for LIFE! :)

You can also still opt for the $10 off your first order with my referral HERE.  But that does not combine with the above offer! You have to pick one or the other but that's like choosing between cake and cookies! You can't lose. :)

So...for example you can normally get five of the $4 handsoaps for about $20 plus shipping.  With the link above you can get that same deal for about $15 total!  Then schedule your future orders, refer your friends and spread the word!  Spend that extra time and money elsewhere!

Have you tried it yet?  Now's the time! What are you waiting for! 

Leave any questions in the comments or email me at!

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