20 minute crafter {how to make a chalkboard hoop}

Need a quick but cute gift for a teacher or friend or anyone who likes to read? HA! Here's a super cute and trendy craft just for you! You can make these in minutes and personalize them in lots of ways! 
All you need are embroidery hoops (I buy them from consumer crafts online) and chalk cloth (found on etsy) and hot glue.
 Trim the chalk cloth to about 1 inch bigger around than your hoop.
Push the larger hoop (with the top part unscrewed almost all the way) onto the little hoop.  It may take a little muscle because chalk cloth is thick! 
Going around the circle, pull pull pull, tighten the metal thingy, pull pull pull and repeat until it's nice and snug!
Trim the chalk cloth down to less than the width of the hoop...about 1/2in.
Use a bead of hot glue to hold in place. 
And you're done! How easy is that? 
You can embellish these in lots of ways...I added some washi around the edge.  You can paint them or add a bow or wrap the hoop before you assemble!  Don't forget to rub down the whole surface with chalk and wipe clean before the first use!

Have fun making some! :)

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