20 minute crafter - How to make a boys bowtie!

This year my oldest child requested a "bow tie and suspenders" for his Easter outfit.  Since they don't ask me to sew much of anything for them, I jumped at the chance to make a couple of cute bow ties from fun fabrics they chose!  This method is EASY!  You can substitute hand sewing where I use hot glue if you like, I just HATE hand sewing and to me, there is no difference in using hot glue except it goes a little more quickly.  Have the little guys in your life pick out some fun fabrics and get started! 
Ready to make some? Here's what you will need:
1 rectangle of fabric 5in by 12in with interfacing attached (follow directions on the interfacing) (this is the BOW piece). (for an infant make this 4in by 10in)
1 rectangle of fabric 2 1/2in by 18in (I like to make it extra long so you can remove if needed) (this is the NECK piece).  (you can also just use wide ribbon).  (for an infant make this 2 1/2in by 14in)
1 rectangle of fabric 2 1/2in by 6in (this is the KNOT piece).
Some sew in velcro (2-3in)

Hot glue gun ready to go!

Start by giving them all a good pressing.  
 Ready to get started!
Fold both of the larger long rectangles (the BOW and NECK) in half length wise and sew along the one long edge.  
 Turn right side out and press. 
Fold one end of the non-skinny tube (the BOW) in about 1/4in and press. 
Tuck the non-folded end into the folded end...
Sew along the middle of the bow like shown above. 
 Grab the KNOT piece.  Fold one side in by 1/3 as shown and press...
 Fold the other side in 1/3 as shown and press again.
Fold your bow up as shown above to get a good looking crease.  You made need to fiddle with it a bit to get it to look the way you want...
When you are ready, add a dollop of hot glue to the side and middle of the BOW piece as shown above.  
Place the end of the KNOT piece on that bit of glue and hold in place until the glue dries.  
Now, snuggly wrap the bow with the knot piece.    You can put a small dot of glue here and there in the center if that helps. Stop when your bow looks like the above...
Lay your NECK piece across like so, centered.  Adhere it with a dot of glue. 
Then continue rolling it around the bow one more time.  
When you come around again, as shown, you may need to trim a bit off...do so and fold under like above...
 And glue into place.
 Here is what the back of mine looked like. 

And the front (you can fluff it a bit if you want). 
Now try it on your subject.  This is the best way to determine the right length.  If you can't do that, go for a length of 16-17in.  Fold the ends in as shown above, press and sew on your velcro, using that sewing to close up the ends. 
And you're done!  I hope you enjoy making a few!  Can't wait to see your dapper gentlemen in their new bow-ties! :)

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