super savings on Mrs. Meyers! (less than $1 a bottle!)

I usually don't share many of my coupon steals on here but this one is too good to pass up!

I just scored EIGHT bottles of my favorite hand soap for $6.19!  If you love this soap as much as I do (or this line of products) you can score a GREAT deal by doing the following:

Follow this referral:
That will get you $10 off.  
Then tell a joke to the help box in the lower left hand square for $2 off. 
Then when you go to check out enter promo code "iknowpeople" for $15 off your order!  (this code is now only giving $5 off but still an incredible deal!)

Try code: goinghometoroost for $10 off
Shipments over $25 before coupons ship FREE!  That's $27 off your order, no matter what you get!!

I don't know how long the promo code is good for so I would do this right away! :)

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