Lent Focus:Organize, de-clutter and breath a little better {#lbf40in40}

I know that the first day of Lent is nearly over but I wanted to give you a nice little boost, it's never too late to get started.  If you follow me on Instagram {@littlebitfunky} you know about my Lent mission: to de-clutter and collect FORTY of bags of stuff to donate (or trash) from various parts of my house for the 40 days of Lent!

I started today by cleaning out the pantry, discarding expired food, collecting food we don't need to donate and adding a few miscellaneous things that we don't need to the Goodwill pile.  I set a "speed" goal of sorts, trying to get this done before I had to take the boys to school and I did it!  Not only did it set a nice tone to the rest of the day, but it helps me keep momentum for the next 39 days!
I thought I'd share a few pointers, by no means RULES, just some suggestions that will help you get started and keep going!

1)  Start by grabbing a large trash bag and canvasing your house!  Spend no more than five minutes in each room mentally (or on paper if you want) noting areas that need attention!  Use that garbage bag to grab anything that can immediately be thrown away but don't get too carried away or stuck in one place.  This is a great way to get the ball rolling and get you mentally engaged in the process!

2)  If you don't LOVE it or if it is not useful, it doesn't live in our house.  The end.  Things take up time and why waste that time on things that don't help you or make you happy?

3)  Just because someone gives you something, doesn't mean you have to keep it.  It's true.  You can say 'thank you' and be grateful but you are not obligated to keep everything given to you.  It's not rude or unkind, it's practical.  We all live in homes with X space and if we keep ALL THE THINGS we will run out of space.  

4)  Even though you will be focusing on various parts of the house throughout the 40 days you should have a large box in a common area.  That way when you see something that you know can go, you can grab it "on the run" and drop it in the box.

5)  Don't get hung up on the number 40.  The point is to give attention to different areas of our homes and get rid of the things that are making us DROOPY!  What do I mean by that?  I mean that stuff is just stuff but for some reason we assign it the job of making us HAPPY!  And that is dumb of us.  You know what most people SAY will make them happy?  More TIME!!  And guess what?  Less stuff requires less time.  So just move your focus each day, getting rid of things that you don't love or don't help you!

6)  Where will the stuff go?  Goodwill or any number of thrift stores in your area.  If you keep a decent list of the items you donate you will have a nice tax write off come tax time.  It adds up!  You can also ask your pastor if there are any needs in your congregation.  Maybe there's a new mom who needs those baby supplies that you don't, or a family recovering from a tragedy of some sort.  There are always people in more need than us!

7)  Really, really think about WHY you are keeping certain things.  There will be "YES!" things and "NO!" things but really think about the "I don't know" things.  The "I don't know" things are pulling at you for a reason...guilt, sentiment, feeling wasteful for buying it in the first place...all normal!  Think it through!

8) YOU CAN DO IT!  I'm not a super collector of things, I don't feel like I have a lot of STUFF but I know I want less because I want more time.  So I'm trying to be picky about what lives here.  

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and use our hashtag #lbf40in40  I can't wait to see what you do with all your new found free time!

If you have any great tips, I'd love to hear them!  I'll try to post some progress here and there on the blog and daily on Instagram!


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