20 minute crafter: "He is Risen" Easter banner with Free Stencil & Template! {can be no sew!!}

     Spring is finally here right?  We maybe technically but for sure not in spirit.  My kids had TWO FULL snow days this week!  I don't know about you but I am DONE with winter.  After Christmas, I am just not a fan of winter but Spring on the other hand...I just can't wait to play in my garden, discover new flowers in bloom and just soak up the sunshine!  Looks like I might have just a little bit of a wait on that wish list but in the meantime, I also enjoy getting ready for Easter, and all the wonderful blessings that entails.  Yesterday I was in the mood to make something light and springy and I wanted to be able to share it with YOU so here we are!  Want to make a happy EASY Easter banner?   

I was able to make mine with what I had around the studio but even if you have to buy a couple of things, they will be cheap things!  

Here is what you will need to make the banner shown above:
**fabric (I chose to use some of my vintage sheet stash and a solid color cotton for the letters.  You can do ANY thing! Burlap and patterned cotton, solid on solid, whatever floats your boat!  You don't need much more than a couple of fat quarters.)
**Heat and Bond Ultra Hold (see photo below).  I used the NON_SEWING variety but if you want to sew, you can use the sewing kind.  Use a coupon when you buy it at Joann's.  
**cardstock of any sort for printing your stencils. 
**medium weight interfacing (there's a photo of the one I used below) buy about a half yard or so. 
**ribbon or bias tape (enough to hang where you will want your banner to be.  6-9ft)
**clothes pins if you are doing an all NO-SEW banner! :)

Ok, first thing is go HERE and download the free file for the letter stencil and banner template.  Print that out on cardstock and cut them all out ! 
Choose your fabric..the hardest part of this! :) (there's the heat and bond you need).
Kitty agreed that this was the best combination for me.  
Next you want to trace your letters BACKWARDS on the SMOOTH side of the heat and bond.  Make sure they are backwards!! 
As you can see I put them as close together as I can to save heat and bond AND fabric.  Following the directions on the packaging you will iron this to the back of your fabric.  Allow to cool and cut your letters out.    
Then, grab your fusible webbing.  I ironed (according to the package instructions) this to the BACK of my vintage sheet (the main fabric of the banner) after estimating how much I would need and then traced out my 12 banner pieces.  
See?  All traced.  
Then cut those out. 
Everything all cut out! :) 
Next you will peel off the paper backing from your letters.  Center them on your banner pieces as desired and (following the directions on the packaging) iron them in place.  You may choose to sew around the edges here if you chose the sewable heat and bond.    
Now you can grab your ribbon or bias tape.  If you would like this to be no-sew you can just use clothes pins to pin them in order on the ribbon.  If you want you can find the center of your ribbon and pin them in place before you sew them onto the ribbon or bias tape.  I just used a large zig-zag stitch.  OR like me, you can estimate where your banner should begin and sew them onto the bias tape in order.  
And hang!  That is it! :) These would make lovely Easter gifts and would be super inexpensive to do! 
I just LOVE how it turned out!  So happy and springy! 
I'd love to see if you make one! Be sure to leave a comment with a link or send me a photo! :) Can't wait to see the color combos that will surely appear! :)

Have fun making one! :)

Don't forget to enter to win $100!  Just for leaving a comment! :) 

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