"stuck on you" {easy valentines with a free printable!}

These Valentines are super easy and made with readily available products!  I had originally hoped to find full size boxes of band-aids but of course, the one time I purposely go looking for them in the $1 section, there are none to be found!  Instead I used these little travel packs from the travel section of Target!  You could add these stickers to regular boxes if you are lucky enough to find them!  Maybe I will keep my eyes open and use this idea for next year! 

This saying also works well for packs of stickers or any other "sticky" thing you can find! :) 
I used this sticker paper I found on Amazon, you could just print these labels on cardstock and tape them to the packages, that would be super cute, too!
 You can download the print file from HERE, following the printing directions on the sticker paper. 
Trim with scissors or a paper trimmer!
I wrapped the pack of band-aids in washi to make it a little more Valentine friendly!
And that's it!  And as you know, kids LOVE band-aids! 

HERE is the file again!  Have fun and share with a friend! 


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