one more Valentine {a Star Wars Valentine with a FREE printable!}

Can you handle one more Valentine?  This is another good one for boys who don't want all the mushy stuff but still would love to exchange Valentines with friends from school!

For this Valentine you just download, print, trim, punch a hole and attach to your item of choice!  There are Star Wars items in $1 spots all over...I've seen them at Target, Micheal's and Joann's to name a couple!  Many grocery stores also carry Star Wars fruit snacks too! 
I just printed them on regular cardstock! 
Trim with scissors or a paper trimmer..
 Punched a hole...
And used some curling ribbon to attach them to these giant pens I found at Target!  
All done.  No candy.  Moses loves them!  Here's a link to the FREE STAR WARS PRINTABLE!

Enjoy and share with your friends!!


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