crazy cat valentines {easy preschool valentines with a free printable!}

Hellooooooo!!!  Happy Valentines time!  Yes, I know it's early January.  Consider this a favor to you: encouragement to start now!  Over the next three weeks I am going to feature three easy and quick Valentines for you to make this year!  And I'm posting them this early so you won't be in a hurry at the last moment!

The first ones up are these crazy cat eye Valentines!  My youngest LOVES animals, cats and dogs in particular.  He also loves crazy cat shirts.  Yes, cat shirts.  Loves them.  He especially loves them if they say something funny like his favorite that says "You have cat to be kitten me right meow!".  I took that info and that shirt as inspiration and ran with it!  The result:
Yay!  Don't you love it!  My cat loving boy sure does!  These are fun and SIMPLE to make!  Costing under $5 for about 20 of them!! 
I found these little eye rings at Micheal's crafts (for about $2 a pack, could be cheaper with a coupon) but I've seen them elsewhere too!  Here they are on Amazon but a bit more expensive.  
Next, I made up this printable just for you!  You can grab it and either print it off on card stock in a word document like above or print it as a regular photo (this is what I will do when I make them all---even easier!!).
Trim them up if you print them yourself!  You could stop right here and staple some candy to the back and call them done!!
Mark a cutting line as shown above...
Using an exacto knife and a ruler neatly cut the slit.  
Slide the eyeballs inside and tape them from behind to hold!
A perfectly cat crazy Valentine!! :)  Here's the file again for you HERE!

In case cats aren't your thing...

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