be awesome {a free printable with a twist}

If you're a fan of folk music, or just happy music in general, you will love my friend Fritz.  He's decided that 2014 is the year to chase hard after his dream of "doing music" as his job!  He's a multi-talented music genius!  I've seriously never met anyone who could play as many instruments, and well!

Anywho, he is the inspiration behind today's free printable, that you can go download HERE.  Sometimes {always?} pursuing your dreams is hard work, you have to wake up every day and decide to be awesome that day.  In the case of a folk singer, you have to wake up and decide to be "folkin' awesome".

If folk music is your thing, you can check out his latest release over HERE...or you can visit him at his website to get a gist of what he is all about, HERE

Feel free to share, print and gift this printable but please do not sell it. :)

Happy Sunday!

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