20 minute crafter {how to make a Christmas card holder}

If ever there was a craft that was the epitome of "20 minute crafter" this is it!  This craft is so easy but SO cute!  These could easily be made for all of your friends, teachers neighbors....all in ONE evening!  Change the theme to make it for a teacher to use year round...make it love themed for Valentines...St. Patricks, etc!  The sky is the limit and you won't spend a fortune either!!
How seriously cute is this?!!
Here is everything you need:
embroidery hoop (this one is 12in and cost about $3)
clothes pins (you can get a huge pack for about $4)
strips of fabric or ribbon (free from my stash)
glue gun
decorating doo-dads 
Start by wrapping your hoop...I like to start with the tail pulled between the fastener at the top of the hoop, leave enough tail to be able to tie it at the end. 
Add a dab of hot glue before you start wrapping to hold it in place...
 ...when you get to the end of the first strip just tack it in place with glue, do the same with the next strip and keep going...
And this is what you get!  Cute already, right?!
Now you will start gluing the clothespins (pinchy parts facing OUT) all around the hoop, held in place by hot glue!  I start by spacing them in quarters, then one in between each of those...etc.
 ...like so...you can stop whenever you feel like you have enough. 
Then just add your bow, or other decoration at the top and you are done!!!
 How seriously cute is this?  It will hold lots of cards and love from your friends and family!
Bells and deer?  Oh my!
I just love this craft and can't wait to make a bunch as gifts!  Hope you loved it too!!


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