20 minute crafter {modern dish towels for about $1}

So I've started thinking about teacher gifts, have you?  I always like to give something practical, but not boring.  Forever ago, I remember my grandmother making dishtowels similar to this, but she crocheted a fancy little topper on them.  I don't have time or patience for that so I made up this fun and easy pattern to do instead!  In the time it would take me to start ONE crocheted dishtowel I made a dozen of these!  
These towels work with just about any variety of dishtowel.  I found both of these sets at Target and they both cost about $5 for the pack. 

You will also need two pieces of fabric that are 4in by 6in each and a 12in length of ribbon, for each towel.  
Start by cutting each towel in half {use the fold line from the way the towel was packaged as your guide, you don't have to be precise}. 
And you will have two. 
 Unfold it and flip it over.
Then you are going to pleat the top and pin it in place.  The result should be about 5 1/2in wide.  
This will be what it looks like from behind. 
Then, taking your two 4 by 6in pieces of fabric, lay them right sides together and sew along the short sides.  
Then slide the towel into the fabric cuff you just made, lining the top of the towel with the top of the cuff.   
See above, how the top of the towel is in between the two layers of your fabric?  Sew along this edge. 
Like so.  {or like sew?}
Trim and clean it up a bit. 
Then flip it right side out.   
Turn the top edge down to form a 1/2 seam and press {I usually just use my thumb nail to crease it down}.
Pin your ribbon in place as shown.  And then sew all around the edge of the fabric rectangle using about 1/4in seam.  
And that's it!  You're done! :)  I plan on pairing these with some fancy hand-soap and a little treat.
The color combos are endless, you're sure to be able to match any kitchen or bathroom!

Have fun making some! :)

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