20 minute crafter {how to make an infinity scarf (the easy way)}

So, the other day while I should have been doing a lot of other things I was daydreaming about Christmas gifts.  I always like to give something that is both fun and practical.  Then my brain shifted to infinity scarves and I thought "How hard could they be?".

As it turns out, not hard at all!  With my method here you can get away with NO cutting and only sewing THREE straight lines!  Using coupons you could make an infinity scarf (for you or a friend) for about $6 or so!

Sound good?

Now, I've tried this method with both regular cotton fabric (the kind you quilt with) and with jersey fabric.  Most cotton is about 42in wide resulting in a scarf that will only go around your neck once.  Jersey fabric is about 60in wide and will loop comfortably around your neck twice.  Both options are cute!  The directions are the same for both, if you have any trouble sewing with jersey just google it!  Google is always good for a "how to" and I have learned so much from it!  Ready?

You will need one yard of fabric per scarf (less if you prefer a less full look, totally up to you!).
This is how the fabric comes off the bolt.  Unfold it...
And fold it lengthwise, right sides together.  Sew along the long side to create a long tube of fabric.  
Then the "tricky" part, bring one end through the inside of the tube and line the ends up with each other.  You will have a smaller tube now.  The bottom of the above photo is the fold and the top is where the four ends meet together. 
This is a closer look at the top...
Here's another look with help from my lovely assistant.  
Now line up the seams with each other, pin if you would like.  
Now sew along this open edge, leaving a 3-4in hole (to turn it right side out).  Lock the stitches at the beginning and end.  
This is the hole you left...
Grab the insides and turn it right side out...
Then you can iron this seam or do like I do, use my thumb to make a crease.  Stitch it closed and you are done!!!!  How easy was that?!!
This is what a cotton scarf looks like...
And here is the jersey knit one!
And here is a side by side comparison of the lengths you will get.

How easy and fun is that?  You can find fun knit fabrics all over the place and once you have done this once you can just whip through them!  Infinity scarves for all!!!

Have fun!!!

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