ready for random?

Aaron has pretended to be a dog for four weeks straight.  My favorite part is the reaction he elicits in other parents.  Either they think it's adorable or they can't believe that I let him go out "like that".   
Moses aced his first spelling test! He continues to LOVE his new school! 
Speaking of new school, I am loving it as well.  I help his teacher twice a week and work for her in an adjacent room where I can hear what is going on but not see.  I love hearing Moses' class start their day with prayer, scripture and worship.  There is LIFE in the classroom, something that was sorely missed before.  

I love wonderwoman because she reminds me that God has created us all to be wonder women, if we follow His path for us and not someone elses.  I made these fun little hoops as a reminder.  They are in my etsy shop for just a bit longer (I was going to remove them last night but have delayed a bit since I didn't get this post up)...Go grab one now before they're gone! :)
Just a pretty photo of fun supplies!
More of the same. :) 

My strawberry plants are still producing berries!
And my knitting is coming along...I can not knit and read at the same time.  A skill I think is pretty awesome.  
I may even end up with a pair of socks! :)

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