20 minute crafter - how to make a needle minder!

I'm still very new in the whole world of needlework.  I am no where near a pro or perfectionist.  The backs of my works are dreadful but I am happy enough if the fronts look cute and professional.  In my short time I have used a variety of different products to see what I like best.  Overall, the fabric and thread you can find in Michaels and Joanns works perfectly wonderful.  I've splurged and bought Cosmo online once and didn't find anything to be worth the extra money.  DMC all the way. :) 

Scissors and needle minders however...I like cute little sharp scissors and they seem to be hard to find.  I've had one needle minder for sometime that I LOVE but when I went to look for more, they couldn't be found.  They were either not at all cute or way too utilitarian.  So I decided to figure out how to make them!  And guess what? They are SUPER easy. 
This is ALL you need!
*magnets {.75in- found at Michael's--you need two per minder}
*E-6000 glue {found at Michael's and is great for everything!}
*some kind of thin forms.  They need to be thin and light enough for the magnet to "work through".  I just walked up and down all the aisles of Michael's to find things.  Above you see some thin magnets, some wooden buttons and some regular buttons.  To test your items just hold a magnet on one side and see if the other side has a strong enough pull to hold a needle and thread.  Any number of things could work, just be creative as you look around. 
Just for a visual guide, this is how thin the items above are...
Are you ready for this challenge? Grab a magnet, put a healthy dab of glue on it and...
press it firmly onto the back of your chosen form.  Allow to dry completely and you are ready!  You place the decorative piece on top of your needle work and on the backside you hold it still with another magnet (on its' own).  
Here's a needle minder I didn't make in action.  It just provides a nice place to rest your needle while you change thread or run to the bathroom or something.  
These would make cute little gifts for all your stitchy friends! :)

Have fun making some!


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