20 minute crafter {ruffled headbands or hot mess headbands or headband slipcovers}

Once upon a time, hotmess headband slipcovers were a big seller in my shop.  I love making messy ruffles in fun color combos! The best part is that you can't go wrong! It's supposed to be messy and funky, no perfect lines and seams here! This project is perfect for ANY level sewer from the very beginning to the best!  What you end up with is a ruffled fun headband that can be slipped on and off of a headband...otherwise known as a headband slipcover! 

Want to make some?  Ready...go! 
This is all you need!  The best part is that there is no exact measurement!  You can make them longer or shorter, wider or thinner, fuller or not so ruffly! When I made them for sale I sold two sizes, a three inch mini and a six inch full sized one.

To get started you want a strip of fabric that is about 2 1/2in by 12-18in (again, you can totally alter this sizing to suit your fancy!).

You also need a piece of fabric that is 1/2in thinner and shorter than what you want your final slipcover to be.  In this case you would use a 2in by about 3in. 
Start by folding the end of your fabric strip under do a lock stitch to get started, then bunch and ruffle your fabric as you go.  You can do this any number of ways...I prefer to "pinch" a inch or two of fabric up and then while keeping the sewing machine going kind of tucking it under the needle.  (You can google "how to ruffle without a foot" if you want to).  Practice a bit and you will get the hang of it! 
 When you get to the end of your fabric strip tuck the end under, keep stitching to the end and do a lock stitch to hold it all in place.  Above is what you end up with!  At this point you could choose to add a smaller layer of ruffle in a contrasting fabric, just repeat the steps above but this time sewing on your "base" ruffle.  Just make sure your second ruffle is thinner than your first!
Then you are going to make your "slipcover" part.  Center your felt piece on your ruffle and sew around the long edges.  Don't seal the felt rectangle.  You will want to be able to slip your headband through!
 See how the stitching on the ends goes past the end of the felt, across the ruffle and then back down the other side?  That's what you want!
And that is it!  You just slip your headband through the felt pocket and you are done!  Wouldn't it be fun to gift a headband wardrobe this way?  
And just imagine all the possibilities!  Endless fun combos!  I've even made them with a ribbon going down the middle which makes them a whole other level of cute!

Have fun making some!  If you make them be sure to leave a link here for me to come see! :) 

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