my happy little studio.

I adore having a little space all my home.  The home of Little Bit Funky and it's funky little hohos is  a happy place.  Full of things I love, special gifts from friends and lots and lots of color! Not to mention a little creative inspiration.  I just gave it a big doesn't stay this way for long but I do like to work clean so it doesn't get too far gone before I have to reel it back in. :) Enjoy having a look at my happy little space! 

I spend a lot of hours in this chair.  It really needs a happier chair cushion. 

There's a little bit of Wonder Woman everywhere in here. 
Two of my favorite ladies on the table there.

A narwhal here and there is always good, don't you think?
Moses painted that Wonder Woman for me...she immediately made it into a frame and up on the wall.

Trinkets, doo-dads and bakers twine. 
Package goodies. 
A gift in progress...

Well, there she is in all her glory.  She's not fancy or huge but she's mine and I love her. :)


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